Sonic Audit Corporation


Basic Policy

Our corporation’s basic policy is to facilitate our clients’ sound development by conducting fair, high-quality audits and to thereby contribute to the sound development of capital markets. Under this policy, our corporation gives top priority to the quality of its audit services, and carries out efficient audits so as to minimize the cost to the client.



Service Guidelines

Our corporation adheres to the following practices.

(1)    We endeavor to conduct high-quality audits by having certified public accountants well-versed in the required audit activities perform the auditing. As a rule, moreover, the person in charge of the audit is stationed at the audit site, and thus is able to respond promptly to the client’s questions and more.

(2)    Through slimming and streamlining our organization and keeping the amount of indirect fixed costs to a minimum, we endeavor to ensure that the audit fee does not become excessively burdensome.

(3)    Being an audit corporation, we conduct systematic audits in which we are able to complete the audit activities and the review activities within the corporation.

We are confident that, by following these guidelines, we can provide audit services that will meet with the client’s satisfaction.


Overview of Corporation


Name              Sonic Audit Corporation


Office              2-39-7 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053

Tel: 03-6276-7738

Fax: 03-6276-7741




Personne l        Representative partners: 2      Average age: 61

Partners:                         4      Average age: 49

(As of October 31, 2014)



History            7 November, 2005       Corporation established

23 July, 2010               Main office moved

22 July, 2011               Name changed to Sonic Audit Corporation


Clients            Audits based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act / Companies Act      6 companies

School corporation audits                                                                                         2 corporations

Special-purpose corporation audits                                                                          1 corporation

Other statutory audits                                                                                              2 corporations, etc.

Voluntary audits                                                                                                      7 corporations



In order to efficiently provide, in a timely manner, specialized services related to both statutory audits, which are based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Companies Act and other laws, and voluntary audits, which are optionally carried for special purposes, our corporation has, as its partners, certified public accountants who are rich in experience related to audit activities and who are well-versed not only in accounting, auditing, and tax matters but also in the various issues related to corporate management. Moreover, when forming an audit team, we select partners who are thoroughly knowledgeable in the services to be provided.


1. Statutory Audits

(1)      Audits based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act

(2)      Audits based on the Companies Act

(3)      School corporation audits

(4)      Audits of credit unions, credit cooperative associations, and workers’ credit unions

(5)      Audits of public-service corporations and general corporations

(6)      Audits of special-purpose corporations (Act Regarding the Securitization of Assets)

(7)      Audits of labor unions

(8)      Audits of worker dispatch companies

(9)      Audits of job placement agencies

(10)  Audits of PTAs and other mutual aid societies

(11)  Audits of other companies and organizations that are obliged, by laws and regulations, to be audited


2. Voluntary Audits

(1)     Audits, of financial statements, which corporations and other organizations voluntarily undergo in order to obtain public credibility

(2)     Audits of social welfare corporations

(3)     Audits of public-service corporations and general corporations

(4)     Audits of special-purpose corporations

(5)     Audits of financial statements prepared for purposes of a company’s liquidation, reorganization, dissolution, etc.

(6)     Audits related to applications to be listed on a financial instruments exchange

(7)     Audits related to acquisitions

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